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"NCAAT in Action is essential in organizing and activating our AAPI community in NC to civically participate. Their work and efforts have educated, motivated, and supported AAPI voters across the state. They are a trusted community resource and advocate, and our state and community is better for their work. I've worked with NCAAT in Action on the front lines to educate AAPI voters, and I know firsthand the impact our work has on AAPI folks' sense of belonging and civic pride."

Tai Huynh

Chapel Hill Town Councilmember

"API PA helped drive Asian American voters to the polls during the critical 2020 election and in the following 2021 election in which Pennsylvania’s democracy was at stake. More important, API-PA’s on-the-ground organizers powered outreach that not only helped turn out voters, but also increased civic engagement across the board for everything from rallies against anti-Asian hate to the census. An investment in our vote was also an investment in our voice, and that’s what we’ve seen first hand in Philadelphia and beyond."

Helen Gym

Philadelphia City Councilmember

"AAMP allows me to work collectively towards building a progressive Asian base that deeply believes in dismantling white supremacy. We get to create opportunities for folks that look like me to learn and engage in the political arena so that we can have more of a voice."

Jianan Shi

AAMP Board Member

As votes are being tallied in Georgia, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say THANK YOU, AAAF. It was one of the great honors of our lives to play a small part in supporting your righteous mission to increase the political power of historically marginalized and oppressed communities so they are able to defend themselves and, in doing so, help us all create a more just and equitable society. We're inspired by you, love you, and hope to partner with you again soon.

Win Both Seats

API PA has done unprecedented work bringing together Asian Americans—residents, voters, activists—into a vibrant coalition that can more powerfully define PA’s future. By developing future leaders through tireless base building and surveying the actual landscape of Asian PA—what people actually want, what their real concerns are, what they hope to change—it has helped direct and focus elected officials like myself. I’m grateful every day for the work they do, and proud to be part of it.

Nikil Saval, first South Asian elected to state office in Pennsylvania history

Pennsylvania State Senator

My opportunity with Rising Voices came when there was a phone banking job with Bangla speakers as plus. Friends tagged me on the post, knowing how much I have been yearning to make change. I took up the opportunity, little did I know how much work I would be able to do in the community especially as COVID ran rampant … all the more reason the work became more important. As a Second generation Muslim Bangladeshi women, I pushed myself knowing how important it was that people are counted properly and I wanted to pass that on to future generations.

Rising Voices Organizer

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