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Leading Coalition of Asian American Voting Rights Organizations Condemns Hateful, Racist Mailers....

by Stephen Miller's American First Legal Ahead of 2022 Midterms




WASHINGTON, DC – In recent days, as voting began in states across the nation, households of Asian American voters across the state have been receiving deceitful, racist, hateful mailers aimed at suppressing the turnout of the Asian American community.

The target mailings were sent by the American First Legal Foundation, the conservative organization founded by Trump confidant Stephen Miller. Miller has a long history with peddling racist hate and division and was the architect behind the Trump Administration’s family separation program, which led to the widespread images of kids in cages that shocked the nation.

Nadia Belkin, executive director of the Asian American Power Network, the leading national coalition of grassroots community organizations working to not only mobilize AAPI voters but build AAPI political power across the country, reacted to the mailer saying:

“At a moment when Asian Americans are turning out at high levels (yet again) and casting ballots during the early vote period, we know this is a strategic move by MAGA Republicans, an attempt to curtail and sway the growing power of the (progressive) Asian American vote ahead of the midterms.

Let's be clear, these mailers are straight out of the standard GOP playbook, using divisive, race-baiting language in an attempt to ‘court’ us as a voting bloc. They are riddled with misinformation and do not educate voters about the issues or policies on the ballot. The Republican strategy is becoming more present and visible at the state and national level because they see Asian American voters as critical to their electoral wins, but this misinformation campaign will not succeed."

This voter suppression effort is part of a coordinated campaign by the American First Legal Foundation. Mailers have been received in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas over the past week and digital and radio advertisements have also popped up across the country. Since its formation in 2021, the group has a long history of using these tactics and divisive rhetoric.

The Asian American Power Network – whose anchor organizations are working year round to educate and mobilize Asian American voters– will not be deterred from continuing to educate and engage the AAPI community on the issues that matter, like access to affordable health care and housing.

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